APT Packages#

PSF Infrastructure utilizes an apt repository for serving additional debian packages or versions not available from our upstream distributions.

This repository is hosted on packagecloud at https://packagecloud.io/psf/infra.

The psf/infra repository has been added to all servers by default and can be used to ship things which are not available in Ubuntu or a ppa or for which there are patched versions required.

Install from the PSF repository#

Generally nothing different needs to happen to install from the PSF repository, just a simple apt-get install <something> or adding it to a salt state should pick up the package automatically.

Uploading to the PSF repository#

Access to the packagecloud repository is managed by the PSF Infrastructure Team. Packages can be uploaded by providing them to the team, or if a contributor consistently contributes to this repository, they may create a user with packagecloud.io and have their user added to the team.