PSF Infrastructure Overview

The PSF runs a wide variety of infrastructure services to support its mission from the PyCon site to the CPython Mercurial server. The goal of this page is to enumerate all these services, where they run, and who the main contact points are.

The Infrastructure Team

The infrastructure team is ultimately responsible for maintaining PSF infrastructure. It is not, however, required to be a member of the infrastructure to run a PSF service. Indeed, the day to day operations of most services are handled by people not on the infrastructure team. The infrastructure team can assist in setting up new services and advise maintainers of individual services. Its members also generally handle changes to sensitive global systems such as DNS. The currrent team members are:

  • Alex Gaynor (has no responsibilities)

  • Benjamin Peterson

  • Benjamin W. Smith

  • Donald Stufft

  • Ee Durbin (PSF Director of Infrastructure)

  • Noah Kantrowitz

The best way to contact the infrastructure team is mailing There’s also often people hanging out on the #python-infra channel of Libera.

Infrastructure Providers

The PSF uses several different cloud providers and services for its infrastructure.


Fastly generously donates its content distribution network (CDN) to the PSF. Our highest traffic services (i.e. PyPI,, use this CDN to improve end-user latency.


DigitalOcean is the current primary hosting for most of the infrastructure, services deployed here are managed by Salt.


Heroku hosts many of the CPython core workflow bots, ephemeral or proof of concept apps, as well as other web apps that are well suited to it’s platform.


Gandi is our domain registar

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 hosts DNS for all domains. It is currently manually managed by Infrastructure Staff.


DataDog provides metrics, dashboards, and alerts.


Pingdom provides monitoring and complains to us when services are down.


PagerDuty is used for on-call rotation for PSF Infrastructure employees on the front-line, and volunteers as backup.


Oregon State University Open Source Lab hosts one hardware server for the PSF, used by for running benchmarks This host was provisioned using Chef and their configuration management is in the psf-chef git repo.






Digital Ocean



Digital Ocean



Digital Ocean


Details of Various Services

This section enumerates PSF services, generalities about their hosting, and contact information for the owners.


The buildbot master is a service run by, particularly Antoine Pitrou and Zach Ware. is hosted by the PSF on DigitalOcean, powered by Roundup. It also hosts and

The Python documentation is hosted on DigitalOcean, served through Fastly, and owned by Julien Palard.

The CPython Mercurial repositories are hosted on a Digital Ocean VM. The service is owned by Antoine Pitrou and Georg Brandl.

The Mailman instance is hosted on as well as SMTP (Postfix). All inquiries should be directed to and

These are hosted on a DigitalOcean VM. The Planet code and configuration are hosted on GitHub and maintained by the team at hosts services and files used by the Python test suite. is ultimately responsible for its maintenance. is a Codespeed instance tracking Python performance. The web interface is hosted on a DigitalOcean VM, benchmarks are run on a beefy machine at OSUOSL and scheduled by the Buildbot master. Maintained by and Zach Ware.

This is hosted on an DigitalOcean VM. Marc-André Lemburg owns it.

This is hosted from an Amazon S3 Bucket. The setup is quite simple and shouldn’t require much tweaking, but Infrastructure Staff can be poked about it.

The main Python website is a Django app hosted on Heroku. Its source code is available on GitHub, and issues with the site can be reported to the GitHub issue tracker. Python downloads (i.e. everything under are hosted on a separate DigitalOcean VM. The whole site is behind Fastly. There is also for testing the site. is the old website hosted from a static mirror.


The PyCon website is hosted on Heroku. The contact address is


The Python Package Index sees the most load of any PSF service. Its source code is available on GitHub. All of its infrastructure runs on AWS configured by pypi-infra, and it is fronted by Fastly. The infrastructure is maintained by Ee Durbin, Donald Stufft, and Dustin Ingram. The contact address is

PyPy properties

The PyPy website is hosted on a DigitalOcean VM and maintained by