APT Packages

PSF Infrastructure has the ability to create apt repositories stored on S3. The primary one of these is named “psf” and it is located at http://apt.psf.io/psf/. The psf repository has been added to all servers by default and can be used to ship things which are not available in Ubuntu or a ppa or for which there are patched versions required.

Install from the PSF repository

Generally nothing different needs to happen to install from the PSF repository, just a simple apt-get install <something> or adding it to a salt state should pick up the package automatically.

Uploading to the PSF repository

In order to upload to the PSF repository you must be a member of the aptly-uploaders group. You can add yourself to this group by simply editing pillar/users.sls and adding:

      - aptly-uploaders

below your user account.

After you’re a member of that aptly-uploaders group, you can upload a .deb or a .dsc file by simplying placing it in the /srv/aptly/incoming/psf-trusty/ or /srv/aptly/incoming/psf-precise/ directory on the packages.psf.io server depending on if the package is for trusty or precise. For example:

$ scp python-wal-e_0.7.2-2_all.deb packages.psf.io:/srv/aptly/incoming/psf-trusty/

Every 5 minutes packages.psf.io will scan this directory for new files, process them and then they will be available in the PSF repository.